Kiwi Jasper Tower Crystal Healing Energy Balancing Stone
Kiwi Jasper Tower Crystal Healing Energy Balancing Stone
Kiwi Jasper Tower Crystal Healing Energy Balancing Stone
Kiwi Jasper Tower Crystal Healing Energy Balancing Stone

Kiwi Jasper Tower Crystal Healing Energy Balancing Stone

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Size:1.5-2 inches
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Material:  Kiwi Jasper Tower

quantity:    1 PC

Shape:        tower

Color:         as picture

Style:          handmade

Small:         1.5-2 inches

Medium:     2- 3 inches

Large:         3- 4 inches

 Approximate Dimensions: (1 inch = 2.54 cm )

  1. "Experience harmony and emotional balance with our Kiwi Jasper Tower. Known for its uplifting energy that helps alleviate stress and promote feelings of peace, this crystal is a powerful tool for anyone seeking balance and tranquility."
  2. "Discover the power of crystal healing with our Kiwi Jasper Tower. Revered for its potent healing properties, this stone can help cleanse and balance your chakras, promoting harmony, upliftment, and emotional well-being."
  3. "The Kiwi Jasper Tower serves as a powerful metaphysical tool. Perfect for meditation and energy balancing, it helps clear negative energy, foster a sense of stability, and uplift your spirit."
  4. "Our Kiwi Jasper Tower is a unique addition to any crystal collection. With its natural beauty and potent energy properties, it complements other crystals, enhancing their healing properties and amplifying your overall energy work."
  5. "Embrace the power of crystal healing with the Kiwi Jasper Tower. This beautiful piece transforms your space into a sanctuary of healing, promoting balance, tranquility, and a deep connection with your inner self."

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