Tiger eye tower Tiger Eye for Harmony Tiger Eye for Confidence
Tiger eye tower Tiger Eye for Harmony Tiger Eye for Confidence
Tiger eye tower Tiger Eye for Harmony Tiger Eye for Confidence
Tiger eye tower Tiger Eye for Harmony Tiger Eye for Confidence

Tiger eye tower Tiger Eye for Harmony Tiger Eye for Confidence

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Material:  tiger eye tower

quantity:    1 PC

Shape:        tower

Color:         as picture

Style:          handmade

Small:         1.5-2 inches

Medium:     2- 3 inches

Large:         3- 4 inches

 Approximate Dimensions: (1 inch = 2.54 cm )

  1. Powerful Healing Crystal: The Tiger Eye Tower, with its distinctive golden bands, is a powerful healing crystal. Renowned for promoting courage, protection, and balance, it's an ideal crystal for energy work and spiritual practices.
  2. Emotional Stability and Stress Relief: Tiger Eye resonates with calming energy, providing emotional stability and relief from stress. It's a grounding stone that helps focus the mind and ease worries.
  3. Confidence and Mental Clarity: Known for its ability to boost confidence and provide mental clarity, the Tiger Eye Tower aids in decision making and encourages the pursuit of personal goals.
  4. Prosperity and Harmony: Tiger Eye is often used to attract prosperity and good fortune. With its harmonizing energy, it helps to balance yin and yang, bringing about a peaceful atmosphere in your space.
  5. Unique and Thoughtful Gift: With its captivating bands of gold and rich symbolism, the Tiger Eye Tower makes a unique gift for anyone interested in crystal healing or simply looking to add a touch of natural beauty to their decor.

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Some items come in multiple sizes. Please refer to the size range and note whether they are in inches or centimeters. 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters. Macro photography is used to show details but can make items appear larger than they really are. The ruler photos show possible variations in the size and quantity you will receive.

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